Blonde Redhead Returns with Dreamy New Single "Before"

Blonde Redhead Returns with Dreamy New Single “Before”

Shoegaze veterans Blonde Redhead make a captivating return with their latest single “Before,” the third track to be unveiled from their highly anticipated upcoming album, Sit Down for Dinner.

“Before” offers a soft and dreamy sound accompanied by playful guitars, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Vocalist Kazu Makino croons, “If I tell you now what I’ve done before, will you still love me like before?” The song explores themes of past lives and the unique quality of some individuals to seemingly remember their previous experiences.

Kazu shared her insights into the song’s meaning, stating, “Some children seem quite knowing as if they remember their past lives… or at least that’s the impression I get. The song is a sort of celebration of that kind of quality in a young person.”

This release follows the earlier unveiling of “Snowman” in May and “Melody Experiment” in June, all building anticipation for the forthcoming album, set to be released on September 29th. Sit Down for Dinner marks Blonde Redhead’s tenth studio album and their first full-length offering in nine years since 2014’s “Barragán.”

Drummer Simone Pace shed light on the album’s title, explaining, “I know a lot of people eat and run, eat in front of their TV, or don’t care about it too much – and that’s OK – but we really do. It’s a moment for us to sit down and have time with each other.”

To complement the album’s release, Blonde Redhead will embark on an extensive tour across North America, Europe, and the UK from October to December, bringing their captivating sound to live audiences once again.

Experience the dreamy soundscape of “Before,” the newest offering from Blonde Redhead, below.