Fenne Lily Returns With “In My Own Time” From Upcoming LP Big Picture

British-native singer-songwriter, Fenne Lily, drops the third single of her anticipated album, Big Picture, due Out April 14 via Dead Oceans. Called, “In My Own Time,” the new track is accompanied by a music video directed by Jim Larson and Lily herself. The NY-based artist had last shared “Lights Light Up” and “Dawncolored Horse.”

Speaking of “In My Own Time,” Lily says: “This song’s about the weight of stasis—about time moving too quickly and too slowly and every mistake feeling both permanent and inconsequential. When it came to writing this video concept, I wanted it to reflect the twisted aspects of a love that’s found in the midst of chaos and the subsequent feeling of being inanimate in your own story. All that, in the style of Terminator 2.”

The narrative is emphasized in the lyrics: “In my own time I’ll get a little older/ The wind is in the chimes/ In my own time I’ll write until I know you/ In bold and underline/ In my own time I’ll brighten up the corners/ Temporarily/ Fix up the paint and straighten all the pictures/ That hang around like me/ Just like you’re talking with an old friend/ End at the start and you start at the end/ Write me a love song make it all rhyme/ Hold me up sometimes we’ll be just fine.”

Fenne Lily’s Big Picture was her attempt at bringing some kind of order to the disaster that was 2020. “By documenting the most vulnerable parts of that time, I felt like I reclaimed some kind of autonomy,” reveals the singer. The record will follow 2020’s BREACH.

Watch the official music video for “In My Own Time” here: