Lorde Teases New Music and Promises to Share Inner Light with Fans

Lorde Teases New Music and Promises to Share Inner Light with Fans

Lorde, the enigmatic pop artist from New Zealand, has once again ignited speculation about new material after her recent stage performances. The singer-songwriter graced the stages of All Together Now Festival in Ireland on August 6 and Øya Festival in Oslo, Norway on August 9.

During these sets, Lorde introduced what she referred to as the Night Vision edition of her Solar Power tour, featuring updated and pop-oriented arrangements of her newer tracks. The shows showcased a different stage production and aesthetic compared to her previous Solar Power world tour, which concluded in April.

The changes in Lorde’s performances have sparked discussions among fans about the potential launch of her next era and the anticipation of new music.

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In a rare Instagram post on August 10, Lorde offered a cryptic update on her recent activities. She wrote, “These times are beautiful and they freak me out and there’s so much to tell you. No this is not the start of anything out there, just want u to know there’s a light on inside me .. show it to you soon.” Accompanying the message were atmospheric photographs of Lorde swimming in a lit-up pool “after the show.”

Lorde is set to bring her Night Vision set to Boardmasters 2023 in Newquay, Cornwall on August 11, where she will headline the festival alongside Liam Gallagher and Florence + The Machine.

In March, Lorde hinted at the possibility of working on new material, noting that she was “not telling, not for a while.” She had previously expressed excitement about her upcoming work, suggesting that her next album would arrive sooner than expected. Lorde’s commitment to creative speed was evident as she stated, “It’s always my intention to move as quickly as I f***ing can.”

Lorde performing live at Glastonbury 2022

Transitioning from the pop sounds of her 2017 album Melodrama to the different vibe of 2021’s Solar Power, Lorde hinted at a return to her signature “bangers” style during a London concert in the previous summer.

In a recent feature by NME, Lorde’s Night Vision show was described as a thrilling shift that embraced subterranean beats and juxtaposed her powerful voice with gothic grooves. If Solar Power represented a melancholic beach party, her current performances are compared to a vibrant rave in a monastery, characterized by a baroque jamboree delivered with intensity.