Perfume Genius Shares A Cover Of Radiohead’s “4 Minute Warning”

Mike Hadreas, aka, Perfume Genius, recorded a cover of Radiohead’s “4 Minute Warning” at New York City’s famed Electric Lady Studios. The American singer-songwriter released the track on a new four-track EP, Perfume Genius: Live at Electric Lady, as part of Spotify’s Live at Electric Lady series. 

“4 Minute Warning” was originally released by Radiohead in 2007 via Warner Chappell Music, Inc. The song was written by Edward John O’brien and Colin Charles Greenwood and it was track number eight on In Rainbows Disc 2. 

Hadreas reveals why he chose to do a cover of Radiohead’s “4 Minute Warning,” “Touring over the last year has been really inspiring after so long away. I am happy to have a document of the new vibrancy and rousing spirit my band brings to the live versions of our most recent albums. “4 Minute Warning” became a favorite of mine during lockdown, something I would sit and sing over and over on the piano in my room. I’m happy to be out of that room now and sharing again.”

In addition to “4 Minute Warning,” Hadreas also shared the live versions of “Whole Life” and “On the Floor” from his 2020 LP My Heart on Fire Immediately and “Photograph” from his latest sixth studio album Ugly Season

Perfume Genius is set to headline the 2022 Year in Music Showcase at Knockdown Center in Queens on December 9th.

Listen to Perfume Genius’ rendition of “4 Minute Warning” on Spotify: