Poppy Concludes UK Tour with Electrifying Show at KOKO

Poppy‘s electrifying performance at KOKO marks the finale of her latest UK tour, showcasing her eclectic blend of electro-pop with a nod to her metal roots.

As fans adorned in Dr. Martens and New Rocks eagerly await outside KOKO, it’s evident that Poppy’s allure extends far beyond her music. The venue’s intimate setting, accommodating only one and a half thousand attendees, sets the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Kicking off the night with a surge of energy, alt-rock sensation Wargasm sets the tone with a raucous performance, treating the audience to a mix of crowd favorites and tracks from their 2023 album “Venom.” The atmosphere is electric as mosh pits and circle pits ignite, amplifying the anticipation for Poppy’s entrance.

True to form, Poppy immerses the crowd in a sonic and visual spectacle from the moment she steps on stage. Opening with the haunting “BLOODMONEY,” she captivates the audience with glitchy electronics and mesmerizing lights, setting the tone for a transcendent experience.

Embracing her eccentric persona, Poppy incorporates AI voiceovers and interactive elements into her performance, adding an extra layer of intrigue to tracks like “V.A.N.” Despite the absence of Bad Omens frontman Noah Sebastian, the collaboration’s impact is palpable, drawing fans deeper into Poppy’s sonic universe.

Throughout the set, Poppy showcases her versatility, effortlessly transitioning between instruments and genres. From the bass-driven “Hard” to the euphoric pop anthem “Hysteria,” she leaves no doubt about her musical prowess.

But it’s Poppy’s stage presence that truly steals the show. With each twirl and march, she exudes charisma, commanding the audience’s attention with every move. As she delivers hit after hit, including fan favorites like “I Disagree” and Zig, the crowd becomes entranced, hanging on her every word.

As the night reaches its climax, Poppy delivers a jaw-dropping finale with “Spit,” leaving the audience in awe of her raw talent and magnetic energy. With a flirtatious blow of a kiss, she bids farewell to her adoring fans, bringing her bombastic UK tour to a close on a high note.

In the realm of metal and beyond, Poppy reigns supreme as an artist who defies conventions and embraces the strange with grace and glamour.