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A Conversation With Peg Luke On “God Will Be My Peace” And Harmonizing Faith & Music

Peg Luke reflects on the milestone achievement of her single “God Will Be My Peace,” surpassing 100k streams on Spotify. Expressing both gratitude and a sense of anticipation, she discusses how the song’s resonating message emerged during the uncertain early days of the pandemic. Rooted in her search for solace and answers, she found inspiration in the Book of Micah, shaping the track’s enduring spiritual message. 

With her music making waves globally and her performances at renowned venues like Carnegie Hall, Peg remains humble, attributing her influence to being a messenger of faith. She shares her excitement about reaching diverse audiences and her plans to explore new musical territories, from country and jazz to electronic sounds. 

The multi-award winning musician’s connection to God is evident in her songs, especially during challenging times. Looking ahead, Peg Luke teases upcoming singles and a Christmas project, all while radiating her core essence of spreading positivity, light, and love through her impactful music. For aspiring musicians seeking to create a profound impact in the streaming era, she emphasizes the importance of a vital calling, a support system, authenticity, and staying true to oneself.

Get to know more about the artist below.

Congratulations on “God Will Be My Peace” surpassing 100k streams on Spotify! 

Thank You! Great to be here! Thanks for having me back! 

How did you feel when you achieved that milestone, and what was the inspiration behind this track? 

When I saw “God Will Be My Peace” gaining traction on Spotify, I had two reactions. One of gratitude and awe and the second of a gut feeling that I knew this might happen. The song seems to radiate an important message that people are craving. The inspiration came from a profound question I was trying to answer at the beginning of the pandemic. No one knew what was happening and we weren’t sure what was going to happen with this virus. We still don’t!  So many people were dying and many continue to succumb to it today.  I was looking to answer what to do during our uncertainty. My soul told me to pick up the Bible and see if there might be an answer. Sure enough, in the Book of Micah I found this wonderful answer. God will help us through this! Even today, we need that same message. I think that is why I was not surprised by its growth on Spotify. I am certainly thankful and I believe it is just the beginning for this tune. 

With international performances, including those at Carnegie Hall, and now “God Will Be My Peace” making big waves in the music scene, how do you perceive your growing global influence? 

Certainly, I don’t see myself as a global influence, not yet. I was brought up by humble parents. They kept me very grounded. I try to keep my relationship with God at the center of my life.  This helps keep me focused and keeps my life in balance. If I help people with their lives through God’s message and my music, I have done my job. I am just the messenger. 

Are there certain regions or audiences you’re particularly excited about reaching? 

I think anyone that is touched by my music is terrific wherever that may be. I have had followers from all over the world and I hope to begin a campaign in Asia. That will be new stomping grounds for me. I also felt very moved to be able to somehow get my music into Ukraine at the very beginning of this terrible conflict. Their response to my music is something I will never forget! 

Your journey includes getting married at 50 and undergoing transformative life experiences thereafter. Do you believe these unique life events offer a different narrative depth to your music, especially resonant tracks like “God Will Be My Peace”? 

That is a hard question to answer. I believe our “life experiences” dictate how we handle ourselves, how we think, how we act. But I think spiritually, to be touched by a heavenly aura is perhaps the most profound thing a human can experience. That is how and when my life changes. Not by things here on earth, but to be “touched by the unseen, the unspoken.”

As you’ve transitioned from classical to Christian music, and now with tracks like “God Will Be My Peace” gaining massive traction, what’s the next evolution of your sound?

I intend to keep positive and life changing messages coming through my music. I have been delving into some Country Western vibes lately. Next will be some jazzy ideas. I have so much fun with different styles of music. Next year I see myself experimenting with more electronic sounds. Watch out!

Are there upcoming collaborations or genres you’re eager to delve into? 

There are a number of artists I would love to work with but logistically, it could be challenging. But, I never say “no” to a challenge. You’ll have to stay tuned! 

Your connection to God is deeply evident, especially in tracks like “God Will Be My Peace.” Can you share a moment during its creation where your faith played a pivotal role? 

At the time I was composing “God Will Be My Peace” I was losing good friends and colleagues to Covid. Since I suffer from a rare autoimmune disease and could barely handle the first vaccine, I was not sure how long I would be around. I was extremely careful and stayed isolated as much as possible. Every day I viewed that day as possibly my last. Being isolated for years at a time, and getting to spend all that time with yourself and your music, I turned to God like never before. I turned over my life to God. It was the best thing I ever did and continue to do it to this day. Every day! 

After the sweeping success of “God Will Be My Peace,” what’s next on the horizon? 

I have several new singles out. I have been working with the iconic Nashville producer, Dean Miller who happens to be the son of the late great Roger Miller (from “King Of The Road”).  We just put out our version of “Amazing Grace.” That single is starting to gain some traction as well. I have several more singles in the line up. 

Can fans look forward to another heartfelt project or album soon? 

I am near the finish line of my first Christmas project with multi Grammy winning producer, Neal Merrick Blackwood. That project should be released at the beginning of this coming November. There are some cool moments in that project! It will be worth your listening time! 

Given your rich and varied experiences, if someone were hearing “God Will Be My Peace” as their introduction to your music, how would you describe the core essence of your musical journey to them? 

I think I must say after being up on the podium lately, I want people to know that they are loved! It seems like God is tugging at me telling me to say, “I See You! You Are Loved.” Positivity, Light, Love. That is my core! You just can’t hear that message enough these days! 

With impactful tracks and a strong presence in the music industry, what advice would you give to an aspiring musician hoping to create as profound an impact as you have, especially in the streaming era? 

I have an invisible, supreme living force that I call God with me. God gets me through the mountains and valleys. Aspiring musicians must have some type of vital calling, they must have a “support staff,” they must have an important message they need to tell, and they must remember to stay true to themselves.

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