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    Please take note of the following submission rules

    Original music only:
    We accept only original music submissions. Please refrain from submitting unauthorized covers, remixes, or samples.

    Mastered music:
    We’re looking for professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks.

    Complete tracks:
    Please send us full-length tracks so that we can get a complete sense of our music style.

    Correct file format:
    Please submit your music in either MP3 or WAV format or if it is already distributed, supply us with the streaming link from the platform it is on.

    One track per submission:
    Please submit only one track per submission. If you have multiple tracks you’d like us to consider, submit them separately.

    Original music only:
    Make sure your music doesn’t infringe on any copyright or intellectual property rights.
    We won’t feature any music that violates laws or ethical standards.

    Follow up politely:

    If you don’t hear back from us within 2 weeks, feel free to follow up politely, because we guarantee a response we receive a very high volume of demands.

    Thank you for considering our platform. We look forward to hearing you.

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