Billy Nomates Drops A Head-Spinning Video For “Spite”

Bristol-based artist Tor Maries, aka Billy Nomates releases the music video for her latest single “Spite.” The song is from the upcoming album Cacti, which will come out January 13, 2023 via Invada.

“Spite” is the fourth song from Nomates’ sophomore record Cacti, following the release of “Saboteur Forcefield”, “Balance is Gone” and “Blue Bones (deathwish).” Produced by Intergalactic Studios, the visuals for the new single is directed by NWSPK.

Billy Nomates proves yet again that she is a league of her own. “Spite” sets off to be another signature track for the artist thanks to its catchy melodies and sing-along lyrics, “I know you think you hold all your power over me/ But you don’t/ Only I hold power over me/ Even then I don’t stick to everything I say/ I fell in willingly, yeah/ I chose it I know you don’t love me, everybody knows it.”

Watch the official video for “Spite” here: