BTS’ Jimin Unveils Emotional Tribute ‘Closer Than This’ in BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star Era

In the wake of the news about BTS taking a hiatus, Jimin, one of the talented members of the chart-topping K-pop sensation, has presented a poignant and heartfelt thank-you gesture to the devoted BTS Army through his solo release, “Closer Than This.” This moving single comes alongside the BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star documentary, which delves into the roots of BTS and reflects on their groundbreaking journey.

In “Closer Than This,” Jimin takes fans on a nostalgic journey, reminiscing about the moment when the group first met and the shy and awkward beginnings that have led them to their present state. The lyrics speak to the shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs that have forged a bond among the members. Jimin’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics express gratitude and acknowledgment of the collective journey they’ve undertaken.

The chorus echoes the sentiment of unity and enduring connection among the group members, even when physically apart:

“Do you also remember?
The moment we first met?
We were so shy and awkward back then
Now that I look back
We’ve come this far in just a blink of an eye
We walked it together, alongside each other
At times, I fell and shed tears
We comforted each other, with a pat on the back
Gazing at one another with tears in our eyes
Calling out each other’s names
Starting on June 13
To the us of the present, here and now
Even if you’re not here
At the same place, always”

Accompanying the emotionally charged lyrics is an official video that features touching footage of the group, capturing key moments over their meteoric decade in the music industry.

As BTS members explore individual projects, “Closer Than This” stands as a testament to the enduring connection and gratitude they hold for their dedicated fanbase.