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Daughter’s “Stereo Mind Game” – An Exploration of Sonic Simplicity

Daughter, the esteemed British indie folk band, has unleashed their sonic prowess with their new album “Stereo Mind Game” on Glassnote Records. Their return is marked by a unique fusion of simplicity and soundtrack-like sonorities that weave a mesmerizing sonic tapestry.

Known for their emotive and cinematic music, Daughter’s latest album goes a step further, exploring new musical terrains.

The band’s frontwoman, Elena Tonra, said, “We wanted to challenge ourselves with this album, step into new areas, and push our sonic boundaries.” Their endeavor has unquestionably paid off.

“Stereo Mind Game” sweeps listeners into a world of profound emotional depths and rich sonic landscapes. Daughter’s signature haunting melodies are in full display, melded with a renewed vigor of creative simplicity and intricate sound design that’s absolutely breathtaking. The album’s self-titled track, Stereo Mind Game, is a sensory trip – a testament to Daughter’s creative evolution and artistic versatility.

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About Daughter

Daughter is a London-based indie folk band known for their ethereal sound and emotive lyricism. Formed in 2010, the band comprises of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella. Daughter has captivated audiences globally with their evocative music, creating profound emotional connections that resonate deeply with their fans. Their latest album, “Stereo Mind Game“, marks a thrilling new chapter in their musical journey.


  1. Who are the members of Daughter?
    The band comprises Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella.
  2. What is Daughter’s new album called?
    The new album is titled “Stereo Mind Game”.
  3. What record label is Daughter with?
    Daughter is with Glassnote Records.
  4. What is the tone of “Stereo Mind Game”?
    The album combines Daughter’s haunting melodies with a focus on creative simplicity and intricate sound design.
  5. Where can I listen to Daughter’s new album?
    “Stereo Mind Game” is available on Spotify.