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Disturbed’s Draiman Confronts Roger Waters at Tel Aviv Concert

In a recent Tel Aviv concert, David Draiman, the renowned frontman of Disturbed, threw a verbal jab at Roger Waters, the ex-Pink Floyd frontman, and performed a resonating rendition of Israel’s national anthem, “Hatikva“.

The event unfolded during the second half of the concert on June 28. Draiman, who boasts Jewish roots, engaged the fans in a fervent rendition of “Hatikva”, while an Israeli flag graphic vividly flickered on the screen. The crowd’s passionate response was palpable, adding more vigor to the stirring atmosphere.

The performance was followed by Draiman’s strong words against Waters, known for his controversial actions that have often been labeled as anti-Semitic. Waters had recently sparked outrage when he donned a Nazi-styled outfit during his performance in Berlin in May.

Draiman did not hold back, speaking out vehemently against Waters and his followers who support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, drawing roaring approval from the crowd. His speech continued on a defiant note, confidently stating that they are not going anywhere despite any fabricated narratives or lies.

Waters has previously faced significant pushback for his controversial stage attire during his show in Berlin, which featured a character from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. He claimed that the performance was intended as a statement against fascism, bigotry, and injustice and dubbed the criticism as politically driven and dishonest.

He has continuously rejected anti-Semitism accusations, insisting his issues lie with the State of Israel, not Judaism. Waters has further charged that accusations of anti-Semitism are a strategic move by Israel to suppress dissenting voices.

Draiman has a history of opposing Waters and has been an ardent supporter of the State of Israel. His criticism dates back to 2019, when he openly denounced Waters’ calls for an Israel boycott. That same year, Disturbed made their first live appearance in Israel, marking the occasion with a performance of the “Hatikva“.


  1. What is the controversy between David Draiman and Roger Waters about? Draiman has publicly criticized Waters for his anti-Israel stance and his controversial performance tactics, which have been labeled as anti-Semitic.
  2. What was Draiman’s reaction to Waters’ recent performance in Berlin? Draiman issued a scathing statement against Waters following his performance in Berlin, where Waters wore a Nazi-styled outfit.
  3. What was unique about Draiman’s recent concert in Tel Aviv? Draiman performed the Israeli national anthem, ‘Hatikva’, and took a stand against Waters, openly denouncing him and his followers who support the BDS movement.

About David Draiman:

David Draiman is an American singer and songwriter, known as the dynamic frontman of the heavy metal band, Disturbed. Born on March 13, 1973, Draiman’s Jewish heritage has been a significant influence on his life and work. He has used his musical platform to express his strong support for the State of Israel, often sparking controversy with his outspoken stance. Draiman’s powerful vocals and evocative lyrics have earned Disturbed multiple awards and a devoted fan base worldwide.