Ed Sheeran Announces Upcoming Album Autumn Variations With a Shift Away From Symbols

Ed Sheeran Announces Upcoming Album Autumn Variations With a Shift Away From Symbols

Ed Sheeran, the renowned singer-songwriter behind hits like “Shape Of You,” has exciting news for his fans. Following the release of “(Subtract)” earlier this year, Sheeran is set to unveil his upcoming album titled Autumn Variations. Unlike his previous albums that incorporated mathematical symbols, this album’s title consists of words, marking a departure from his symbol-based naming convention.

Collaborating once again with The National‘s Aaron Dessner, Sheeran provides insight into the thematic essence of Autumn Variations. The album is crafted around the spectrum of human experiences, encompassing the exhilarating highs of falling in love and forming new friendships, as well as the profound lows of heartbreak, depression, loneliness, and confusion.

In Sheeran’s own words: “Last autumn, I found that my friends and I were going through so many life changes. After the heat of the summer, everything either calmed, settled, fell apart, came to a head or imploded.

When I went through a difficult time at the start of last year, writing songs helped me understand my feelings and come to terms with what was going on, and when I learned about my friend’s different situations, I wrote songs, some from their perspectives, some from mine, to capture how they and I viewed the world at that time. There were highs of falling in love and new friendships among lows of heartbreak, depression, loneliness and confusion.

My dad and brother told me about a composer called Elgar, who composed ‘Enigma Variations,’ where each of the 14 compositions were about a different one of his friends. This is what inspired me to make this album. When I recorded Subtract with Aaron Dessner, we clicked immediately. We wrote and recorded non-stop and this album was born out of that partnership. I feel he has captured the feeling of autumn so wonderfully in his sonics and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”

Find the album artwork and tracklist below.

Ed Sheeran

1. “Magical”
2. “England”
3. “Amazing”
4. “Plastic Bag”
5. “Blue”
6. “American Town”
7. “That’s On Me”
8. “Page”
9. “Midnight”
10. “Spring”
11. “Punchline”
12. “When Will I Be Alright”
13. “The Day I Was Born”
14. “Head > Heels”

The album features an evocative tracklist, each song reflecting different facets of the human experience and emotions. From the enchanting “Magical” to the introspective “When Will I Be Alright” and the intriguing “Head > Heels,” Sheeran’s musical exploration promises a range of feelings and perspectives.

The album’s release date is set for September 29th, and it will be available via Gingerbread Man Records. Sheeran’s partnership with Warner Music and his collaboration with Aaron Dessner of The National are contributing to the anticipation surrounding Autumn Variations. As fans eagerly await the album’s arrival, Sheeran’s decision to use words in the title emphasizes the artistic shift he’s embracing for this new musical chapter.