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Frank Turner Unveils New Album ‘Undefeated’ Alongside Release of Single “Do One”

Frank Turner has set the stage for his upcoming album, Undefeated, with the release of a vibrant single, “Do One“. The album, slated for release on May 3, marks Turner’s triumphant return to an independent label, teaming up with Xtra Mile Recordings for this significant milestone, his tenth solo endeavor.

Turner, known for his candid exploration of adulthood themes in his music, shared insights into the forthcoming record, stating, “There are no clichés about the difficult 10th album, so in some ways, that’s a liberating statement. But at the same time, I have a duty to justify writing and releasing a 10th album. That’s a lot of records for anybody. Also, I’m 42. Which is not a sexy, rock’n’roll age. But all through my career, I’ve been interested in writers like Loudon Wainwright III or The Hold Steady, people who write about adulthood, essentially.”

The new single, “Do One”, stands out as a liberating anthem, resonating with Turner’s resilient spirit as he declares, “I’m still standing up and there’s nothing you can do.” Turner sheds light on the significance of the track, sharing, “”Do One” is the last song I wrote for the new album, and the first song on that album, as well as the first single. So it’s a summation of what I’m trying to say with this record, a record about survival and defiance, but also one with a sense of fun and self-deprecation. 19 years into my solo career, I’m still standing up and putting out some of my best work. It feels good.”

The tracklist for Undefeated includes compelling titles such as ‘Ceasefire’, ‘Pandemic PTSD’, ‘No Thank You For The Music’, and ‘International Hide and Seek Champions’. With themes of survival, defiance, and a touch of self-deprecation, Turner’s album promises to be a noteworthy addition to his extensive discography.

Turner, whose last release, FTHC, secured his first UK Number One in 2022, continues to navigate the complexities of life through his music. The album delved into his relationship with his trans parent and reflected on the passing of Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson.

As Turner continues to evolve as an artist, Undefeated is anticipated to deliver a blend of introspection, resilience, and a celebration of the journey so far. Stay tuned for the album’s release on May 3, and in the meantime, immerse yourself in the spirited anthem, “Do One”.