HYUNJUN: From K-Pop Star to Solo Sensation with the New Single "Backseat"

HYUNJUN: From K-Pop Star to Solo Sensation with the New Single “Backseat”

HYUNJUN is an emotive artist from South Korea who stakes his claim with soulful vocals and infectious melodies. His journey begins with him originally being an acclaimed member of a popular K-pop group but quickly shooting up to fame. Hindered by an ankle injury, he had to keep himself aloof for a while, which later lit his passion for music compositions and fluttered his way to a solo career.

He was bound to find his way and decided to “just do it.” HYUNJUN plunged into literally everything, from writing the songs down to producing. He makes himself more versatile in all the different aspects of the creative process and builds confidence in his art. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, his music is only characteristic of his life, filled with relatable narratives and authentic emotions.

His last single, “Good Times,” was highly successful and reached the UK on the Commercial Pop Charts at No. 3, #4 in France, and #8 in Germany. This has proven HYUNJUN‘s capability and ability as an artist to reach an international audience. A man of great vocal power and intense stage charisma keeps crossing cultural boundaries with his songs.

His latest single, “Backseat” bores even deeper into the exciting feeling of finding new love. All the song does is sketch a fresh connection, catching the exhilarating rush of a newfound connection. HYUNJUN says, “You, me, kissing on the backseat; we got something like a movie,” and the lyrics fit in excitement and passion when falling for someone. “Backseat” is a very catchy tune, yet so heartfelt. The flow that HYUNJUN maintains throughout this track is stupendous, with its hallmark being the delivery through his voice, from the verses to the choruses, taking it to a very cinematic level with themes of longing and mutual affection. Production on this track is modern, swathed in pop, and in line with that comes the vocal delivery from HYUNJUN, which makes the listening experience a very fulfilling one.

The reach of HYUNJUN with “Backseat” goes as far as the American airwaves and their digital music platforms, making an impact larger than life. The way he can connect with listeners through real and emotional music is beyond comparison to anyone else in the industry. After that, when HYUNJUN can attach himself to his listening as a solo artist, it is then that the hard work and years of ordeal truly pay off.

“Backseat” features HYUNJUN taking listeners on a love ride, sharing good and bad times. Stamped on each note is his intention to bring out the best in his music.

Listen to HYUNJUN’s new single “Backseat” and dive into the story of his musical journey.