Julian Cross Sets the EDM World Ablaze with “Do 4 Love”

Julian Cross Sets the EDM World Ablaze with “Do 4 Love”

Julian Cross has emerged as one of the most promising names in the EDM world, and his latest release, “Do 4 Love”, is already generating significant buzz. Originating from the Netherlands and raised in Belgium, Julian Cross’s journey from performing in local bars to headlining major festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival has been nothing short of remarkable. This new track marks another milestone in his rapidly ascending career.

Do 4 Love” is a pulsating piece of music, armed with energetic basslines and buoyant melodies. Released via WALL Recordings, the label founded by acclaimed DJ/producer Afrojack, this record is set to make a significant impact on the dance music scene. Julian Cross has been an unstoppable force, first through collaborations with Afrojack on “All I Need” and then in his solo hits “Lose It All” and “Antidote” within the EDM landscape.

In this new track, listeners are taken on a journey through vibrant soundscapes, featuring strong vocals and an infectious rhythm that hooks you from the first beat. Julian Cross excels at creating immersive musical experiences, and “Do 4 Love” showcases his maturity in production. This track reflects Julian’s passionate dedication and his ability to draw from a variety of influences to create music meant for a transcendent experience. His performances at major festivals and clubs have cemented his reputation as an innovative and dynamic artist.

“This is a really exciting moment for me—releasing ‘Do 4 Love,’” says Julian. “I’ve put a lot of emotion and energy into this track, and I really enjoy making music that hopefully my fans will enjoy.”

Julian Cross’s journey from early performances at local venues to signing with Afrojack’s label highlights his ceaseless drive and creativity. His debut album, *Stories of the Nebula*, and its singles hint at his potential to bring a fresh wave to the EDM scene.

Julian’s ability to weave powerful stories through his music ensures that “Do 4 Love” will resonate with many. The combination of his raw talent and poignant production creates a compelling narrative that is both personal and universal. This release highlights Julian’s talent and emotional insight, positioning him as a rising star in the music industry.

For more updates on Julian Cross’s music and upcoming releases, follow him on social media and check out his official website. “Do 4 Love” is available for streaming now: