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Lady Gaga Reflects on Performing with COVID and the Impact of Chromatica Ball

Lady Gaga recently disclosed that she performed five shows with COVID-19 during her ‘Chromatica Ball’ tour in 2022. The revelation came during a Q&A session with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans at the Los Angeles fan premiere of her forthcoming concert film, Gaga Chromatica Ball.

“I shared it with everyone on my team,” Gaga recounted. “I said, ‘I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable at work, and you don’t have to perform or work that day, but I’m going to do the show’ because I didn’t want to let the fans down. The way I saw it, the fans were putting themselves at risk every day by coming to the show.”

Reflecting on the tour and the Chromatica album, Gaga described them as a pivotal transition in her life: “In many ways, it was the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. I feel like I was saying goodbye to old wounds, scars, and challenges. With this tour, I felt rejuvenated and ready to embark on something entirely different.”

The Gaga Chromatica Ball concert film, filmed at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in September 2022, will be available on HBO Max starting tomorrow (May 25). A UK release date has not yet been announced.

Gaga shared her excitement in a recent Instagram post, saying, “Revisiting the tour leaves me speechless. The way we supported each other – you all showed up for music and art in a big way, with a level of excitement and freedom that I will never forget. Stadium after stadium. Sold out crowds. The deafening singalongs.”

She further elaborated on the essence of Chromatica, stating, “Chromatica was colorful revenge. The chaos of it all became pure energy and life. It’s a texture best experienced live.”

In March, Gaga hinted at creating new music, expressing that she had been “writing some of my best music in as long as I can remember.” Earlier that month, she also teased her work on new material via social media.

Gaga’s last solo album, Chromatica, released in 2020, received critical acclaim. NME’s four-star review highlighted, “Gaga has fully embraced creating a pure pop album. The record is filled with catchy choruses and glossy production – but it goes deeper than that.”

In addition to her recent musical endeavors, Gaga announced a return to Las Vegas with her ‘Jazz & Piano’ residency, a series she first launched in 2019. The residency will begin in June and run through July. Remaining tickets are available for purchase.