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Marbey: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation in “Horovel”

In the diverse landscape of modern music, Marbey stands as a beacon of innovation and cultural pride. Her journey, beginning in the war-torn region of Artsakh and now blossoming in Yerevan, is a testament to her resilience and artistic integrity. With the release of “Horovel,” Marbey continues to forge a unique path in the music industry. Marbey blends her deep-rooted Armenian heritage with contemporary sounds.

Horovel” is more than just a song. It’s a cultural bridge that connects the traditional with the modern. The track is an electro-pop reimagining of a traditional Armenian folk song. This song was typically sung by villagers during their labor in the fields. This style, unique to each Armenian region, is characterized by its rhythmic and melodic qualities. It often features themes of daily toil and the intimate connection of the villagers with their land and animals.

Marbey ‘s rendition of “Horovel” is a bold fusion of her diverse musical influences and her deep connection to her Armenian roots. The song is known for its distinctive dialect and evocative cries and chants like “ho, holel, hom, hora hor.” These elements vividly paint the landscape of the Artsakh mountains and hills. They also portray the lives of villagers intertwined with their farm animals and the land.

marbey horovel

In Marbey‘s hands, “Horovel” transforms into a unique musical experience. She infuses the traditional melody with elements of electro-pop. Showcases her talent for blending genres and her willingness to experiment. This fusion brings a fresh perspective to the classic. “Horovel” makes it accessible to a global audience while preserving its cultural essence.

Her journey in music, marked by a transition from jazz to a broader exploration of electro-pop, alternative, and experimental genres, reflects her ongoing quest to find her unique voice. Influences from musical icons like Sade, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse are evident in her work, especially in the depth and soulfulness of her vocal style.

Marbey‘s creative process is spontaneous and boundless. It draws inspiration from the most unexpected moments and places. Her ambition and relentless pursuit of her dreams are not only evident in her music but also in her role as a co-founder and ambassador of the Silk Note International Music Festival, where she brings international music sensations to Armenia.

“Horovel” is a significant addition to Marbey‘s repertoire. The song showcases her dedication to bringing the sounds of her culture to a worldwide audience. Her ability to uplift spirits and provide solace through her music was first evident in her debut single, “Is it You?.” Now, with “Horovel,” she continues this mission. Marbey offers a heartfelt homage to her roots while redefining traditional Armenian folk music.

Marbey‘s impact on the Armenian music scene is undeniable. Over the past 14 years, she has graced stages from Russia to the United States, earning accolades and recognition for her unique contributions to jazz and electro-pop. “Horovel” stands as a shining example of her talent, ambition, and commitment to her cultural heritage, resonating with audiences beyond the confines of genre and geography.

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