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Noah Kahan Honored Olivia Rodrigo And Her Lyricism By Putting A Folksy Spin On “Lacy” For “Live Lounge”

Noah Kahan recently performed at BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge, where he delivered a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Lacy” from her sophomore album, Guts. This performance follows Olivia Rodrigo’s previous appearance on Live Lounge, where she covered Kahan’s Stick Season.

Kahan explained that he chose “Lacy” because it is “so beautiful and it highlights what I love so much about Olivia’s lyricism, it’s very dynamic and it just makes you feel an emotion we’ve all experienced before.” The cover features Kahan’s backup band, including a banjo, adding a folksy touch to the song. The performance starts with a quiet, emotive rendition, and as it progresses, Kahan introduces upbeat folk elements.

Noah Kahan expressed his admiration for Olivia Rodrigo when she covered his song, emphasizing the significance of her choosing his track to perform.