Acclaimed actress Salma Hayek became the latest surprise guest judge during Madonna's iconic "Vogue" segment on the Celebration Tour.

Pop Queens Collide: Salma Hayek Takes the Stage with Madonna in Mexico City

Acclaimed actress Salma Hayek became the latest surprise guest judge during Madonna‘s iconic “Vogue” segment on the Celebration Tour.

On April 26th, Madonna brought her career-celebrating tour to the Palacio De Los Deportes in Mexico City. While marking the second-to-last stop, the night took an unexpected turn with the dazzling arrival of Hayek.

A signature element of the tour is Madonna’s “Vogue” performance, where she invites a special guest to judge the dancers’ fierce moves. This time, the stage welcomed none other than Hayek, channeling the spirit of Frida Kahlo with her outfit – a fitting tribute as Hayek famously portrayed the legendary artist in the 2002 film Frida.

The “Vogue” performance on Friday night saw Madonna and Hayek judging the dancers in an extended version of the hit song. Fan footage captured the electrifying moment when Hayek joined Madonna onstage, met with thunderous applause from the audience (see below).

Hayek joins an impressive roster of guest judges who’ve graced the “Vogue” segment throughout the tour, including Cardi B, FKA Twigs, Diplo, Julia Fox, Julia Garner, Arca, and more.

The Celebration Tour concludes on May 4th with a colossal free concert on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reports suggest a potential record-breaking turnout, with an estimated 2 million fans expected to witness the spectacle.

A glowing review captured the essence of the tour: “On the opening night of her greatest hits tour, Madonna delivers the classics in dazzling fashion, but it’s the emotional moments that make this show truly special.”

The review continued: “The whole thing is a thrilling reminder that Madonna isn’t just a pop star, but also a cultural force who genuinely changed the world by challenging societal expectations of women. That’s something worth celebrating in the dazzling, dynamic and at times surprising way she presents it here. Really, you wouldn’t have her any other way.”