Premiere: Peg Luke’s “The Lord’s Prayer” Comforts All Those In Grief

Grammy and Emmy-nominated artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Peg Luke, is set to release a reissue of “The Lord’s Prayer,” a beautiful piece from her 2019 album Psalm Space. With a heavy heart and a deep sense of grief, the musician pours her emotions into this captivating track, crafting a moving tribute to her late mother that offers a healing balm to all who have experienced the pain of loss. 

Luke, who is a well-known accomplished pianist and flutist, is loved and respected for her genuine creations that provide a space of comfort to the hearts of those who need it the most. Her new release, “The Lord’s Prayer,” unveils her extraordinary creative genius, as she masterfully weaves together classical arrangements with spiritual themes, creating a tender and uplifting experience for listeners. 

Peg’s emotionally charged music has always been driven by her life experiences, and her latest work, “The Lord’s Prayer,” is no exception. The idea for the song came to Luke when she overheard her mother reciting the prayer in the hospital. This impactful and touching moment inspired her to compose a beautiful and comforting piece of music that offers solace to those who are grieving. 

“The Lord’s Prayer” was originally released as part of Psalm Space, an album with a rich tracklist, including “Kum Ba Ya,” “Beautiful Savior,” “Psalm 100,” “Psalm 23,” “Psalm 46,” “Psalm 62,” “Psalm 27,” and “The Prayer of St. Francis.” The record also featured collaborations with Lisa Bevill, Melodie Kirkpatrick, Kirk Kirkland, Rod Fletcher, Terry Blackwood, and Ginny Luke.

All of Luke’s compositions reveal her ability to create a sense of hope and positivity through her music. Sharing singles like “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” “I Am Home, Lord,” and now “The Lord’s Prayer,” Peg has left a profound impression on listeners, and continues to touch the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide through her unbridled passion for the craft.

As she pays homage to her mother’s memory, Peg invites listeners to take a moment to reflect on their own experiences of loss, reminding them that hope and peace can be found in even the most challenging of times. The reissue of “The Lord’s Prayer” is yet another proof of Luke’s unwavering commitment, and a beautiful tribute to the power of music to heal and console.

Listen to “The Lord’s Prayer” here: