Smeethan Acts As An Advocate For Nature With New Release “Soul Symphony”

Up-and-coming artist, Smeethan, shares a new single, “Soul Symphony” that reflects his commitment to protecting endangered ecosystems and preserving the planet for present and future generations. Not only is the instrumental track a work of art, but also serves as a call to action for environmental responsibility. 

The singer-songwriter presents his distinctive outlook on nature, combining various wildlife sounds like bird calls. Although the track lacks any lyrical content, it captivates listeners with its enchanting melody, eliciting strong emotions. Smeethan offers a new viewpoint on the world’s beauty, intending to provide a serene perspective of the planet through Mother Earth’s eyes.

Smeethan explains: “To enact any great social change we must start from a new philosophy. I propose a new way of thinking: To truly feel. Reason and logic have been lost to us through technology. When there is so much information available, perspective on what is right, wrong, true, false, good or bad becomes nearly impossible. In the absence of logic, feeling becomes our guiding light.”

The LA-based musician is a strong advocate for social and environmental responsibility. He hopes that individuals will recognize the urgency of ending the “sixth mass extinction of life on Earth.” Smeethan’s message is loud and clear; humanity must change its ways, actively starting to preserve and heal the planet. The artist stresses the need for self-reliance, emphasizing that humanity’s fate rests solely in its own hands.

“Soul Symphony” will soon be accompanied by a music video, scheduled for release on April 14. The visuals will introduce breathtaking wildlife footage, offering a vivid portrayal of the wonders of the natural world, restating the importance of preserving the planet and its precious resources. Smeethan’s music is bound to resonate with a worldwide audience, prompting them to take affirmative steps towards building a brighter future for all.

Listen to “Soul Symphony” here: