Stella Rose, daughter of Dave Gahan, to release debut album and open for Depeche Mode in NYC

Stella Rose, daughter of Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, is set to make her debut in the music industry with her upcoming album, Eyes of Glass, which is due to be released on May 19 through KRO Records, owned by Yves Rothman. The album, which was co-written and produced by Rothman, was recorded over a period of two weeks at their studio. Stella describes herself as a writer and claims that writing helps her process her feelings, as well as collecting things over time that eventually turn into music.

Eyes of Glass features her previously released singles “Muddled Man” and “Angel,” as well as the latest single “Faithful.” The new song showcases Stella’s powerful voice and is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by Ben Howley.

Stella’s music is a blend of dark, crashing, and melodramatic soundscapes that complement her powerhouse vocals. Her music is introspective and expressive, and “Faithful” is a testament to her artistic abilities. In the video, Stella appears lost in thought while wandering through a deserted cityscape, her voice echoing through the empty streets. The song’s lyrics explore the themes of devotion and faith, which are beautifully conveyed through Stella’s emotive delivery.

In addition to her album release, Stella Rose will be opening for Depeche Mode at their upcoming show in New York City. Her performance is sure to be a treat for fans of her father’s band, as well as those interested in discovering new artists. Stella’s debut album and live performance indicate that she is poised for a promising future in the music industry, and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next.