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Steve Aoki Revives Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” with 20th Anniversary Remix

In a sensational blend of contemporary dance and pop-punk nostalgia, Steve Aoki collaborates with Yellowcard to commemorate a monumental milestone—the 20th anniversary of the iconic “Ocean Avenue.” Aoki’s remix breathes new life into this pop-punk classic, paying homage to its enduring legacy in a vibrant and electrifying manner.

Aoki, known for his dynamic style and energetic performances, takes on the challenge of reimagining the 2003 hit that propelled Yellowcard to global recognition. Having achieved Double Platinum status in the US and widespread acclaim worldwide, “Ocean Avenue” remains a testament to the band’s influence on the music industry.

The collaborative remix is a testament to Steve Aoki ‘s distinctive flair and exuberance, seamlessly blending his signature electro-punk fusion with the timeless appeal of the original. The track unfolds with stadium-filling claps, incorporating singalong-style vocals before Aoki introduces a surprising twist in the second drop—a cascade of hard dance-style kicks.

This venture into pop-punk territory isn’t new for Aoki, who has previously collaborated with artists like blink-182 and Machine Gun Kelly, infusing his electro-punk fusion into their respective sounds.

The collaboration with Yellowcard stemmed from a conversation with the band’s frontman, Ryan Key, expressing admiration for Aoki’s alternative-leaning collaborations featured on HiROQUEST: Genesis.

Aoki shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Honoring ‘Ocean Avenue’s’ 20th anniversary by blending these sounds was an amazing experience.”