Sum 41 Blasts Through Farewell Tour and Reflects on Legacy with Final Album, Heaven :x: Hell

Sum 41 Blasts Through Farewell Tour and Reflects on Legacy with Final Album, Heaven :x: Hell

Canadian pop-punk veterans Sum 41 recently stopped by a music news outlet to dish on their scorching new album, Heaven :x: Hell, and the bittersweet farewell tour that accompanies it.

The Grammy-nominated band, boasting two chart-topping albums, is no stranger to success. But with their biggest hit, “Fat Lip,” only reaching a respectable position on the singles chart, Sum 41 has always walked a line between catchy pop-punk anthems and heavier rock influences.

This duality is on full display in Heaven :x: Hell, the band’s first double album, which just dropped on March 29th. “The title reflects the whole spectrum of our career,” explains frontman Deryck Whibley. “We’ve had incredible highs and crushing lows, but that’s what keeps you going in this industry – the pure love for the music.”

The interesting origin story behind the album highlights Sum 41’s adaptability. “Honestly, it wasn’t planned,” Whibley admits. “During lockdown, I got bombarded with requests to write pop-punk songs, a genre we haven’t touched in like 16 years. I ended up with seven or eight tracks I actually loved, too good to give away.”

Whibley sent the demos to the band, and as guitarist Dave Baksh jokes, “It was a lifesaver – something to finally sink our teeth into during that crazy time.” Drummer Frank Zummo echoes the sentiment, calling it “a beacon of light in a dark period.”

Now, Heaven :x: Hell and the extensive farewell tour stretching into 2025 serve as a bittersweet finale. “It feels like the early days again,” says bassist Jason McCaslin, referencing the band’s explosive debut era. “The constant hustle brings back memories.”

Whibley acknowledges the approaching end: “It’ll definitely hit us closer to the last shows. We’re planning a mix of greatest hits, deep cuts, and of course, the new songs from Heaven :x: Hell.”

Despite the goodbyes, Sum 41 is firing on all cylinders. “We’re all at the peak of our game as musicians,” says guitarist Tom Thacker. “It’s almost a shame to end things now – the chemistry is incredible.”

When pressed about the finality of the album and tour, a hint of amusement flickers across the band’s faces. “People keep asking, ‘Are you sure this is it?'” laughs Whibley, referencing the never-ending farewell tours of some artists. “We won’t be dragging this out.”

With a touch of defiance, Whibley concludes, “We’ve always written our own story. We faced doubters early on, the ‘one-hit wonder’ remarks. But we knew we’d be the ones to decide when the curtain closes.”