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The Used Unveils Animated Video for “Numb”

American rock sensation The Used has released a captivating new animated music video for “Numb,” the inaugural single from their ninth studio album “Toxic Positivity.” Launched in April, the song is a powerful testament to the band’s creative evolution, and it is now enhanced by visually stunning animation.

Comprising of lead vocalist Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard, drummer Dan Whitesides, and guitarist Joey Bradford, The Used has once again proven their unyielding commitment to their music. This new video, crafted by Kevin Riley and Joma Santiago of Riley Animation Studios, breathes life into the lyrics, magnifying their profound emotional resonance.

“Numb” explores themes of desolation and yearning for emotional connection. McCracken poignantly confesses, “I just wanna feel something. Anything is better than this. I just wanna feel something. No different from anyone else. Wanna waste my time but not like this at all. I just wanna feel something. No different from anyone else. Cause I feel numb. Does anybody else feel numb?”

The album “Toxic Positivity” was unveiled on May 19, 2023, marking their first release in three years. Music producer John Feldmann fostered the creation of this album, leading the band through an emotionally charged journey. It stands as a poignant reflection of humanity’s shared experiences and a tribute to resilience.

In relation to the album, McCracken states, “Humans share such similar experiences and similar tragedies and everything in between. This record is quite tough for me to listen to, because it’s a reflection of times in my life that have been some of my lowest ever. I want people to understand that, no matter how bad it gets, you don’t have to give up. Everything always feels different no matter what. So what you’re feeling right now you will not feel later on.”

Artist Bio:

Bert McCracken, the lead vocalist of The Used, is renowned for his raw emotional intensity and unique vocal style. Born on February 25, 1982, McCracken hails from Provo, Utah. A prominent figure in the rock scene, he has played a vital role in the band’s growth since its inception in 2001. Through his lyrics, McCracken shares deep insights into human emotions, reaching millions with his relatable messages. He stands as a beacon of resilience, reminding listeners that it’s okay to feel, and more importantly, it’s okay to seek help when they’re feeling “numb.”