ariel marie "just this way"

Unveiling Ariel Marie’s Latest Single “Just This Way”

Ariel Marie is one of the newest talents to hit the NYC music scene and has just released her new single, “Just This Way.” Ariel is 18 years old and very talented and ambitious, considering that she will attend NYU for music business. She was raised in a family flooded with the sounds of folk legends like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, which built a true love for music from a very young age. This early exposure would lead her to begin writing songs, often with themes of nature, love, and literary allusions. Ariel is a very hands-on worker with her music, singing, writing, and playing the guitar and banjo in the production of her songs.

Just This Way” is a standout track on Ariel‘s release list. As it gets stuck in your head with its introspective hooks of “You don’t have to like it, but I’m just this way” and “Heart of gold, mind of old,” Ariel has proven to be a writer with a talent for honest, relatable lyricism. It is a song that reflects my personal experience and progression as an artist.

Ariel has touched heights during the short period of her musical career. Her previous single, “Cousin of the King,” was greatly appreciated, considering that the composition was beautiful and the storytelling was deep. The track showed all her skills in creating music and being able to make the listener have a personal experience. Most importantly, these performances helped build a fan base that is solid and firm, and it has positioned her as a known figure in the music community.

“Just This Way” can be listened to on all digital platforms. This is one more high point in the career of Ariel Marie, who has gone on to blend her folk roots with the most contemporary sounds. This is undoubtedly what distinguishes her from the other artists on this stage: she has the capacity to make it really felt with the music.

Ariel feels as passionate about everything as she does about her music. NYU’s music business study is proof of her knowledge in the field and her willingness to win on all fronts. Given her talent, this makes her a really promising musician.

Fans and new listeners may look forward to the new music of a deeply reflective character from Ariel Marie.

Play Ariel’s “Just This Way” here: