Arts & Crafts Introduce Gord Downie & Bob Rock’s The Raven and the Red-Tailed Hawk

Following the release of the single “Lustre Parfait,” Arts & Crafts shared Gordon Downie’s and Bob Rock’s collaborative EP  The Raven and the Red-Tailed Hawk. The late Tragically Hip frontman had worked on the project before his passing in 2017.

The three-track EP is a fraction of the upcoming album Lustre Parfait that will be released May 5, 2023 via Arts & Crafts. The new LP will have fourteen songs, including the title song, which came out in October.

Speaking of the collaboration, Rock revealed, “First and foremost Gord was my friend, and having the opportunity to work with him on these songs was one of the biggest highlights of my professional life. I am grateful that I got to witness his genius in such close proximity.”

The Canadian record producer said that the recording sessions began in 2009, “The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk was the first song that Gord and I completed. It was a special moment for both of us, as at that point… we saw the future!”

The Raven and the Red-Tailed Hawk delivers a title track that summarizes the entire vibe of the EP with its Pop-Punk chimes and hopeful lyrics, “Some days, I can’t do it/ Sometimes I just can’t do it/ The only way around is through it.”

Listen to The Raven and the Red-Tailed Hawk here: