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Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Struggles with Touring and Ego

Miley Cyrus has shared her struggles with touring as a music artist, explaining that it “isn’t healthy” for her. In a recent interview for TikTok’s “Used To Be Young” series, the pop star delved into the challenges she faces in the demanding world of touring.

Cyrus took a hiatus from touring in May, expressing that performing for large crowds wasn’t her true passion. However, she clarified that she remains deeply connected to her fans.

In the interview, she discussed the toll that touring takes on her life, highlighting that a show might only last 90 minutes, but the preparation and intensity leading up to it consume a substantial portion of her time and energy.


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 6

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Cyrus also touched on the impact of ego during tours, mentioning that maintaining a high level of performance intensity can lead to an overuse of ego. She found it challenging to switch off this ego-driven mindset when offstage, leading to difficulties in maintaining a balance between her public persona and her personal self.

Furthermore, she emphasized that the constant relationship between herself as the “subject” and the audience as the “observer” erodes her sense of humanity and connection. This disconnect, she believes, hampers her ability to be a songwriter, which she considers her priority.

Miley Cyrus‘s comments shed light on the less glamorous side of touring and the toll it can take on artists’ mental and emotional well-being. Her openness about these challenges provides insight into the complex dynamics of being a music superstar.