Eurovision Star Luke Black Returns with Upbeat Single "I'm So Happy"

Eurovision Star Luke Black Returns with Upbeat Single “I’m So Happy”

Eurovision sensation Luke Black has made a vibrant comeback with his latest single, ‘I’m So Happy’, drawing inspiration from Lily Allen and infusing it with his own unique style. The Serbian artist, who represented his homeland at Eurovision, sat down for an interview to discuss his new single, his ambitious live show, life post-Eurovision, and his vibrant fan community on Discord.

‘I’m So Happy’: A Lily Allen-Inspired Anthem

Black’s new single, “I’m So Happy“, is a lively and Lily Allen-inspired track that captures the spirit of his new surroundings in London. The song’s creation was an interesting mix of influences and emotions. Black explained, “I was walking around with my friend and we were constantly joking about how weird it was when you’d ask someone at school or on the street how they were doing over here and they’d be like, ‘Good, everything’s fine!’.”

He further revealed, “Culturally, in my country when you ask someone how they’re doing they start spilling their emotions out! Here, everyone is so chill. I was trying to learn and not overburden everyone with my emotions.

The music of “I’m So Happy” mirrors this sentiment. Black shared, “I was really inspired by Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’. I was walking through similar surroundings from her music video and seeing the beauty and the faults. The sound is basically that, but on steroids.”

A Vibrant Fan Community on Discord

Black’s connection with his fans has grown remarkably, especially through his vibrant Discord community, where over 4,000 fans come together to share their creativity and connect with each other. Black expressed his genuine appreciation for this community, saying, “My Discord channel has been a blast… People are gathering through it to come to my shows. I see people coming from Ukraine, Sweden, France, and Israel, all coming to my London shows.”

Luke Black, 2023. Credit: Press

He added, “There are times when I talk, like I am right now, for ages without thinking. They appreciate that and find comfort in it… If they’re having a good time and feel comfortable, then I’ll continue to do it.”

Upcoming Plans and an Ambitious Live Show

Black’s plans for the future include releasing a new EP later in 2023, featuring his characteristic songwriting style with influences from his home country and British sounds. He described his upcoming gig as an “arena show for small venues,” promising a theatrical and energetic experience.

He also shared his dreams of expanding into the gaming world, saying, “I had a dream before I joined Eurovision that I was going to become a skin in Fortnite. Hopefully, we’ll get to that next year!”

Luke Black’s Vibrant Musical Journey Continues

With his dynamic new single, interactive fan engagement, and plans for an exciting live show, Luke Black’s journey post-Eurovision is shaping up to be as vibrant and engaging as ever. Fans can look forward to experiencing his unique blend of music and creativity in the coming months.