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Cardi B Talks Future Collaborations and New Album Plans

Cardi B is eyeing up some exciting collaborations in the future, particularly with none other than Rihanna. During a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, the Bronx rapper expressed her desire to work with Rihanna, but only if she can find the “perfect” song.

Despite her admiration for Rihanna’s music, Cardi explained that she wants to ensure any potential collaboration is up to par. “I don’t have that worthy song to like give it to them,” she admitted. “Especially because I do more rap than certain songs that I like.”

Cardi emphasized the importance of finding the right fit, stating, “I don’t want to send her nothing like, ‘Ho, what the fuck is this shit? Take this thing out of my face.'” Nevertheless, she expressed her enthusiasm for the idea, calling the potential collaboration “so dope.”

In addition to her aspirations for a Rihanna collaboration, Cardi confirmed a forthcoming track with Shakira. She teased fans with the news, revealing that the opportunity “landed on my lap.”

Meanwhile, Cardi’s own musical endeavors are in full swing. She recently teased the release of her second album, boasting that she has “100 songs” ready to go. This announcement follows the drop of her latest single, ‘Like What (Freestyle),’ earlier this year.

Despite her confidence in her music, Cardi admitted to struggling with anxiety over her work. She revealed that she wrote a verse for Ice Spice’s ‘Munch’ but ultimately scrapped it due to nerves.

As for Rihanna, anticipation continues to build for her ninth studio album, dubbed ‘R9.’ A$AP Rocky recently hinted that Rihanna is still “working on” the highly-anticipated record. Rihanna herself has teased the project since 2018, promising fans new music alongside a future tour.

With both Cardi B and Rihanna gearing up for exciting musical releases, fans can expect nothing short of greatness from these two powerhouse artists.