Ayri ‘s Revelation With “Closer”: Inside The Artist’s Radiant World

Ayri, a rising pop sensation, basks in the glow of her latest single “Closer,” a radiant melody adorned with the warmth of love and a positive, uplifting spirit. It’s a prelude to an album promising diversity and an energy as infectious as the singer’s vibrant persona. 

Each song on the record is a testament to her dynamic range, unconfined by genre, and wholly her own. Rooted in authenticity, Ayri is energized by her fans’ adoration, not for her fame, but for the joyful, positive energy she imparts—a reciprocal exchange that amplifies the collective vibrance of her world.

Can you pinpoint a specific event or feeling that sparked the creation of “Closer”? What personal or musical evolutions do you feel this single represents for you?

“Closer” is a very stylish song, and most importantly, it’s about love, but it’s not sad or whiny; it’s uplifting. I really love it when a song brings positivity.

“Closer” gave your fans a taste of that irresistible summer vibe. Given that it’s one piece of the puzzle for your upcoming album, can you tease any thematic evolutions we can expect in your future releases?

That’s wonderful! Of course, we have new releases, new songs, and they are all fantastic. Every song is really cool, very awesome. It’s an incredible vibe, and I don’t even know what to put ahead, because we love them all.


You’ve collaborated with Jüan Shool and El Kamino for your new album. Can you give us a sneak peek into these partnerships? How do their unique styles intertwine with your own in these tracks?

Collaborating with Jüan is great. I really love collaborations. With El Kamino, we created a really cool track, a danceable, trendy one that can be played at all the fashionable clubs with that modern music. With Jüan, we made a more Latin track, which will also be played at all the venues, but it’s Latin and in a different style. I really like that the tracks came out in different styles, and they’re all very cool. 

We liked the idea with Jüan, which is actually quite common, that sometimes Spaniards don’t speak English, and Americans don’t speak Spanish, two people meet, really like each other, but they don’t understand anything. In fact, I really faced this problem when I was at the World Cup, I think. In this year, there was a football match when the opening was, and it turned out that I didn’t understand Spanish, and the fans of their teams didn’t understand me in English. It was very funny, so this song is very relatable.

From Ella Fitzgerald to Selena Gomez, your musical inspirations are vast. If you had to describe your upcoming album using three artists as reference points, who would they be?

My album is completely unlike anyone else’s, not like any artist at all. It’s absolutely my own album from start to finish.

You’ve previously compared music creation to being in a “Buddha state.” Could you share a recent experience from this mindset that has influenced your songs?

We simply sit down and write. I think it’s the sky at that moment that provides its energy and instills in us this shared vibe that we create together. It’s a common thing for everyone, for Valeria, for me. I don’t think you can describe it in any other way; it’s just a moment when you’re there, writing music, and some kind of inspiration happens.


Given your acting interests, are the rumors about a film role with Paramount Pictures true? How does preparing for this differ from gearing up for a live music performance?

Honestly, I have issues with being very lazy, and I really dislike memorizing things by heart. It’s strange, but I genuinely feel too lazy to learn a role, as odd as it may sound. I often even forget the lyrics of a song, but somehow when I really immerse myself in it, I remember them. But in reality, now I would probably agree to play a role and would completely learn it, 100 percent. However, I would like to immerse myself in the role, so that I could remember everything without having to learn it. When you immerse yourself in a role, you understand what the character is doing, and you convey it as if it’s natural. So, of course, I want the role to be interesting. But honestly, I’m quite lazy, to be honest.

Is there a particular fan message or interaction that profoundly affected you recently, and why?

First of all, I really love it when my fans, my supporters, reach out to me. People recognize me by my hair, and I really love that they like my image and my songs. People write that it’s great that I’m cute and beautiful, and that I sing really well, that it all comes together. So, I really like it when people write how wonderful it is, how glad they are that I exist, saying things like that. 

I don’t take it from the perspective of how amazing I am or how beautiful I am, not at all. It’s all about the fact that I can transmit positive energy to people. People also write that when they see me on Instagram in the morning or see me laughing, they even write that I’ve made their day and laugh along with me. What I really like is not about having some privilege as a person but from the perspective that I can share this energy with people, and they are happy about it and take it positively. So, the most important thing is that I can expand this energy with them.

Listen to “Closer” here: