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Bob Dylan’s Hidden Treasures: The Unveiling of the 50th Anniversary Collection 1973

In a surprising move that has ignited excitement among European Bob Dylan enthusiasts, the legendary musician quietly dropped a 50th Anniversary Collection 1973 CD in record stores across the continent. This covert release, featuring 28 rare tracks, has sent fans on a scavenger hunt, with some already spotting copies on eBay, fetching substantial bids.

The CD is a compilation of outtakes from the 1973 Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid soundtrack sessions. While the collection remains elusive, lucky fans who manage to secure a copy are treated to a musical journey through rehearsals, alternate versions, and unreleased instrumentals from that iconic era.

Reports suggest that the release of this CD is tied to European copyright regulations, which stipulate that sound recordings enter the public domain if not released within 50 years of their creation. In response to this legal requirement, artists often share unreleased studio material to retain control over their work.

One UK record store, Badlands, briefly had the CD listed on its website, promptly selling out. Photos of the front and back cover have surfaced online, and it’s anticipated that other outlets may follow suit in making the collection available for online purchase.

For fans outside Europe, obtaining a copy may require a keen eye and a willingness to delve into the online marketplace, where the CD is already commanding bids reaching several hundred dollars. The exclusivity of this find adds an extra layer of allure for collectors and Dylan aficionados alike.

Tracklist for Bob Dylan ‘s 50th Anniversary Collection 1973 CD:

  1. “Billy (Rehearsal 1)”
  2. “Billy (Rehearsal 2)”
  3. “Billy (Rehearsal 3)”
  4. “Billy (Alternate 1)”
  5. “Turkey (Rehearsal 1)”
  6. “Turkey (Rehearsal 2)”
  7. “Turkey (Instrumental)”
  8. “Billy Surrenders (Rehearsal 1)”
  9. “Billy Surrenders (Rehearsal 2)”
  10. “And He Killed Me Too”
  11. “And He Killed Me Too (Rehearsal)”
  12. “Billy (Alternate 2)”
  13. “Pecos Blues (Rehearsal)”
  14. “Pecos Blues”
  15. “Goodbye Holly”
  16. “Turkey II (Tom Turkey)”
  17. “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”
  18. “Sweet Amarillo (Rehearsal)”
  19. “Billy (April Rehearsal 1)”
  20. “Billy (April Rehearsal 2)”
  21. “Untitled 1973 Instrumental No. 1”
  22. “Untitled 1973 Instrumental No. 2”
  23. “Final Theme (Rehearsal)”
  24. “Final Theme (Ride Billy Ride)”
  25. “Final Theme (Alternate)”
  26. “Knockin On Heaven’s Door (Instrumental)”
  27. “Rock Me Mama”
  28. “Billy (Fragment)”