BTS’ V Delights Fans with Unexpected ‘Type 1’ Music Release Announcement

V is back with a new project!

The BTS star surprised fans on Tuesday (June 25) by announcing a new musical endeavor called TYPE 1, set to release on July 9. It remains unclear if TYPE 1 is a single or an album.

The announcement, made on social media, included a striking cover photo of V shirtless, leaning against a wall, with his hand on the waistband of his pants. The image also featured lyrics in white script: “I still wonder wonder beautiful story/ Still wonder wonder best part/ I still wonder wonder next story/ I want to make you mine.”

In March, V released “FRI(END)S,” his first single since his military enlistment. This song followed his September 2023 EP, Layover, released shortly before he started his mandatory service in South Korea alongside BTS members RM, Jimin, Jung Kook, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga.

During his service, V assured fans that he had multiple projects prepared. In a December statement, he expressed his desire to stay connected with his fans. “I’ve prepared a lot for the next 18 months. I will miss you all,” he wrote. “It’s hard not to make new memories with ARMY… not seeing you is the hardest part.”

V has had notable success as a solo artist. He has four songs on the Billboard Hot 100, including “FRI(END)S.” His highest-charting solo song is “Slow Dancing”, which debuted at No. 51 in 2023.

The announcement of TYPE 1 has stirred excitement among fans and the music community. V’s ability to engage his audience remains a key feature of his career. Fans eagerly anticipate the release on July 9.

As a member of BTS, V has contributed to many global hits and played a significant role in the group’s international success. His unique voice and artistic style have also been evident in his solo work. The 2023 EP, Layover, demonstrated his growth as an artist.

The cover photo for TYPE 1, along with its lyrics, suggests that V’s new project will explore deep emotional themes. This is consistent with his previous work, which blends introspection with broad musical appeal.

V’s commitment to his fans, even during his military service, highlights the strong connection he maintains with the ARMY. His message in December, promising more content and expressing his longing for his fans, underscored this dedication.

The release of TYPE 1 on July 9 is set to be a significant moment for V’s career and his global fanbase. As the release date approaches, excitement continues to build. Whether TYPE 1 is a single or a full album, it will showcase V’s talent and dedication to his art and his fans.