Death and Vanilla Drop Second Single From ‘Flicker’ Titled “Looking Glass”

Swedish band Death and Vanilla share a new song from their anticipated album, Flicker, which is set to be released March 17, 2023 via Fire. “Looking Glass” is the second single from the upcoming record and it is a flamboyant piece that stands out with its escalating instrumentation and Marleen Nilsson’s breathtaking vocal performance.

The Dream-Pop trio consists of Nilsson, Anders Hansson, and Magnus Bodin. The Malmö-native members came together around ten years ago and their last release was Are You a Dreamer?, which came out in 2019. Now, Death and Vanilla return with “Looking Glass,” the follow-up to Flicker’s first single, “Find Another Illusion.” 

In a recent statement, Death and Vanilla describe Flicker as: “Housed in a beautifully austere post-ironic de-constructed sleeve.” The trio explain that the new record is a “modern reflection on these difficult times. World crises and lockdowns notwithstanding.” 

Death and Vanilla “return reborn, re-arranged and revitalized after assimilating dub reggae, the motorik spirals of Can, the modal meander of Philip Glass, and The Cure’s dreamier pop sounds; plus the twice removed symphonic ambience of Spiritualized and Talking Heads under heavy manners from Brian Eno. By osmosis their period of transition since 2019’s much darker Are You a Dreamer? has hatched new eclectic electronica anthems riddled with melody lines, and layered for lush love.”