iDKHOW Unveils Funk-Infused Dance Anthem “Gloomtown Brats” from Upcoming Album Gloom Division

iDKHOW, the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Dallon Weekes, has dropped a groovy new dance single titled “Gloomtown Brats.” The track, released on December 7, is the second glimpse into the upcoming album ‘Gloom Division,’ slated for release on February 23 under Concord Records.

In “Gloomtown Brats,” Weekes draws inspiration from the Joe DiMaggio quote, “rich boys don’t make it to the majors,” using it as a guiding light from his impoverished upbringing to finding his path as a musician. The single is a theatrical, bass-heavy anthem that critiques the vanity-driven, nepotistic lifestyles that are often unearned and conspicuously displayed.

The album Gloom Division follows iDKHOW’s debut LP, Razzmatazz, released in 2020, which gained support from singles like “Lights Go Down,” “Razzmatazz,” and “Leave Me Alone.” The band, known for their unique online stress test and engaging performances, is ready to captivate audiences once again with their eclectic musical style.

Reflecting on the band’s formation and creative process, Weekes shared with NME, “I started collecting ideas in 2016… I had to have an outlet of some kind, so I just started to casually record these ideas with no intention of doing anything with them.” He continued, “I called up my pal Ryan (the pair played together in the indie rock band The Brobecks) to put drums on everything. The more we hung out, the more songs we did, and it was so fun. We started to book shows at dive bars and just not tell anyone. I wouldn’t want to do this without Ryan, and we definitely came to a point where we realized that people actually cared about what we were doing.”

In September, Weekes confirmed iDKHOW’s drummer departure but assured fans that work on the new album was completed. As anticipation builds for Gloom Division, the band continues to push boundaries in the realms of dance and electronic music.