Metallica Launch Kimmel Residency with Discussions on ‘Stranger Things’ Newcomers and Electrifying Performance of ‘Lux Aeterna

Metallica Jokes About Being the World’s Oldest Boy Band on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Residency

Metallica kicked off their week-long Jimmy Kimmel Live! residency in style on Monday night (April 10), joking that they were the world’s oldest boy band before tearing through their new single about eternal light. When Kimmel noted that some of the fans hanging around outside his studio were the same age as the late 50s/early 60s members when they started, drummer Lars Ulrich asked the audience to keep their real ages a secret. Part of the youth wave, Kimmel suggested, was the by-now-iconic placement of “Master of Puppets” in a pivotal scene in the most recent season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. “We wrote that song for Stranger Things in, what, 1980-something?,” singer/guitarist James Hetfield joked during their couch time. “We knew it was gonna happen!”

Hetfield said it was a no-brainer to allow the use of the song in the hit show, saying he’s still “blown away” that people are attracted to the relentless speed metal anthem. “It’s like a nine-minute heavy metal song from 1986 that probably predates most of these people by 25-30 years,” Ulrich said. “It’s just insane. Who would have thought?”

Considering bassist Robert Trujillo‘s son played the solo on the show — with tutoring from lead guitarist Kirk Hammett — the guitarist suggested that it might not be too soon to consider tutoring some understudies to take their places at some point. And, because all their children are involved in music in some fashion, Kimmel wondered if they were happy that their offspring are in the family business.

“No, my son’s a drummer,” Hetfield said in a bid to poke Ulrich, who put his hand on James’ arm as he smiled at his pal’s gentle ribbing. “I’m not happy about that at all!” Hetfield doubled down. When Kimmel asked if they’d like it if their kids were in a band together, Ulrich said that might be “pushing it a little bit.” The band also discussed their “For Whom the Band Tolls” marching band competition, their new vinyl pressing plant, and Ulrich’s obsession with coming up with different setlists for the two-night stands the band is doing on their upcoming tour.

“The challenge is to figure out how to structure the two sets, no songs can be played twice,” Lars explained. “So there’s a completely blank canvas so that’s always fun.” Tweaking his lifelong pal again, Hetfield said that “somebody sitting here is somewhat obsessed with setlists and putting things together… it’s gonna be okay buddy!” The band then tore through the blazing first single from 72 Seasons, “Lux Æterna,” to cap