Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Reflects on Uncomfortable Metal Label and Career Longevity

Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic frontman of Black Sabbath, recently shared his discomfort with being labeled “metal” in a candid interview with Spin. The Prince of Darkness expressed that he has “never felt comfortable” with the metal classification, emphasizing the challenge of breaking away from genre expectations. Osbourne believes that being pigeonholed into a specific genre can make it difficult to explore lighter or acoustic styles.

Reflecting on his enduring career, which spans back to 1968, Osbourne acknowledged the changing landscape of rock and metal. He highlighted that in the early days, it was all considered rock music, and he views it similarly today. Despite his reservations about the metal label, Osbourne has left an indelible mark on the music industry and received numerous accolades, including two Grammy Awards this year.

Osbourne, known for his dynamic stage presence and contributions to heavy music, has been winding down his live music career. He shared thoughts about receiving awards, stating, “I’ll get awards left, right and center, but I don’t know what to do with them.” Despite being nominated for several Grammys this year and winning two, Osbourne humbly mentioned that he didn’t start pursuing awards and sees them as something to leave for his children.

Having announced his retirement from touring in February, canceling European and UK tour dates, Osbourne remains hopeful but realistic about the possibility of returning to live performances. Recently, he expressed a belief that he may have just “10 years left” to live.

Osbourne’s 13th studio album, Patient Number 9, released in September 2022, received acclaim for its hard-rock sound. As a pivotal figure in the history of rock and metal, Osbourne continues to navigate the evolving music landscape while reflecting on his unparalleled career.