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Queens of the Stone Age Rock Glastonbury 2023 with “No One Knows”

Glastonbury Festival, the U.K.’s most iconic and awaited music event, witnessed a performance like no other this year. Queens of the Stone Age stormed the stage and left an indelible mark with their performance of the classic track “No One Knows“.

Queens of the Stone Age, the Palm Desert, California-based rockers, led by charismatic frontman Josh Homme, transformed the legendary Glastonbury stage into a riotous celebration of rock and roll. Their blistering set, characterized by their distinct blend of heavy rock and psychedelia, had fans on their feet, singing along to every lyric.

The track “No One Knows“, hailing from their critically acclaimed album “Songs for the Deaf“, is a crowd favorite, released under the label Interscope Records.

The performance sparked a resurgence in popularity for the band’s new track “Negative Space” as well. Funk and Play’s review of the track discusses its deep-cutting lyrics and the band’s evolution in their musical style.

About Queens of the Stone Age

Formed in 1996, Queens of the Stone Age is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California. Spearheaded by frontman Josh Homme, the band is known for its distinctive style that fuses heavy rock, psychedelia, and blues influences. With numerous awards and seven studio albums to their name, Queens of the Stone Age have established themselves as one of the defining rock bands of the 21st century.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are Queens of the Stone Age?

Queens of the Stone Age is a highly influential American rock band, formed in 1996. Known for their unique blend of heavy rock, psychedelia, and blues, the band has released seven acclaimed albums.

2. What did Queens of the Stone Age perform at Glastonbury 2023?

At Glastonbury 2023, the band delivered an unforgettable performance of their classic track “No One Knows”, earning rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

3. Where can I find more music from Queens of the Stone Age?

You can listen to Queens of the Stone Age’s music on Spotify and stay updated with their latest news on Twitter.