rlyblonde Unveils Tender Alt-Rock Single “Girl In Your Story”

Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen, under the moniker rlyblonde, has dropped her latest single, “Girl in Your Story,” a heartfelt complement to her electrifying alt-rock anthem “Your Angel.” This dreamy rock ballad, delving into themes of identity, femininity, and romance, showcases a more sincere and tender facet of rlyblonde’s artistry.

In contrast to her previous work, “Girl in Your Story” unfolds as a sonic exploration of her own identity, continuing the artist’s tradition of playing with female tropes and stereotypes across various artistic mediums. Allen shares insights into the inspiration behind the song, stating, “My artwork across various mediums has often played with ideas of female tropes and stereotypes. ‘Girl in Your Story’ continues that exploration of my own identity, through performance and by embodying these various characters. At the end of the day, behind every scorned woman is just a hopeless romantic. Nothing consumes quite like a crush… and while it was devastating to realize my tendency to fantasize was not limited to men, it was also a very affirming moment in my queer journey to realize I could imagine my life with another woman.”

Accompanying the release is a storybook music video that narrates the tale of a young romantic lead yearning for a love story that may or may not be real. The video, produced and directed by rlyblonde through her new production company, HOT CREATIVE (@rlyhotcreative), serves as a visual extension of her creative vision. HOT CREATIVE acts as a hub for Allen’s photography practice, creative direction, and production work for musicians in both New York and Los Angeles.

Having long been a go-to photographer, videographer, and creative director for indie acts in New York, rlyblonde stepped into the spotlight in 2023 with her debut EP, ‘Fantasy.’ Her music, characterized by its punchy and impassioned style, exudes girl power and authenticity. Garnering attention from tastemakers such as The Luna Collective and Unpublished Magazine, rlyblonde is a DIY sensation making waves in the alternative music scene.