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SNL Mocks JoJo Siwa’s “Bad Girl” Makeover: “No One My Age Has Done This!”

Saturday Night Live took aim at JoJo Siwa ‘s recent edgy transformation with a hilarious sketch on their latest episode. The former Dance Moms star and singer recently unveiled her dramatic new look alongside her debut “grown-up” single, “Karma,” marking a stark departure from her signature sparkly persona.

In the sketch, Chloe Fineman perfectly captured Siwa’s new aesthetic, sporting a glittery black bodysuit mirroring the one seen in the “Karma” music video. Host Colin Jost’s surprised reaction to the new look set the comedic tone: “Wow, oh my god, JoJo! That’s right, Colin; I’m a bad girl now!” Fineman quipped, adding, “Yeah, it’s a pretty big change. I used to be way more sparkles and now I’m black sparkles.”

The laughter continued as Fineman playfully jabbed at Siwa’s claims of pioneering a new genre called “gay pop” and being the “first gay girl in the world.” She even joked about embracing a “bad girl era” complete with cigarette smoking – a clear comedic exaggeration.

Fineman’s impersonation also included Jojo Siwa’s now-viral dance move, further solidifying the sketch’s comedic accuracy. You can watch the full skit below.

Beyond the lighthearted jabs, the sketch subtly highlighted the comparisons many have drawn between Jojo Siwa ‘s current persona and Miley Cyrus’s own transition from child star to mainstream pop star with a similarly edgy image. Fans have even speculated that “Karma” might have originated as a scrapped demo from the Hannah Montana star’s past.

In a recent interview, Jojo Siwa addressed these comparisons, expressing her admiration for Cyrus. “When I was 8, Miley had her ‘Bangerz’ moment and I was like, ‘All I want is to have that one day,'” she stated on the Call Her Daddy podcast. “Honestly since I was 15 my whole inner circle has been talking about it and getting excited for it.”

Siwa went on to express her pride in sharing “Karma” and embracing this “full 180 moment,” a transformation she’s long desired.