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Taylor Swift’s Dominance Acknowledged as Pennsylvania Declares 2023 “Taylor Swift Era”

In a significant recognition of Taylor Swift‘s impact, the House of Representatives in her home state of Pennsylvania has officially declared the year 2023 as the “Taylor Swift era.” The announcement was made on the pop star’s birthday, December 13, through House Resolution 282, which passed in a 103-100 vote.

The resolution highlights Taylor Swift’s multifaceted contributions, acknowledging her not just as a pop star but as a cultural and economic force. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Danielle Friel Otten, commends Swift for her talent, hard work, and determination, emphasizing her transcendence of the typical pop star role.

“Through talent, hard work and determination, Ms. Swift has transcended the role of pop star, becoming a veritable cultural and economic force,” reads the bill.

The resolution takes into account Swift’s positive impact on the overall economy and cites specific instances such as her charitable donations and her advocacy for voter registration. It also mentions her generosity to staff and fans, as well as her support for hunger relief organizations, including Philabundance and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

“Ms. Swift has been lauded for her generosity to her staff, her fans, and philanthropic and charitable causes, particularly hunger relief organizations,” states the bill.

Taylor Swift’s influence is further underscored by the acknowledgment of her Eras Tour, described as “critically acclaimed.” The tour, set to resume early next year, includes additional stops in North America, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, Swifties can anticipate a concert film version of the Eras Tour available for rent on Prime Video.

This declaration by Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives solidifies Taylor Swift’s unparalleled success and influence, marking 2023 as a year defined by her cultural impact and achievements.