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LCD Soundsystem Teases UK Tour in 2024

LCD Soundsystem appears to be dropping hints about an upcoming UK tour, sparking excitement among fans. The band, which recently wrapped up a series of North American dates, including the final nights of their Brooklyn Steel run in New York, seems ready to take their show to the UK.

Having released their most recent album, American Dream, in 2017, LCD Soundsystem has kept fans eagerly awaiting their return to the stage. The mysterious teaser for a UK tour in 2024 has surfaced in the form of a sponsored ad on social media, proclaiming, “Back in the UK, 2024. Pre-sale sign up now live.”

Fans who follow the provided link are directed to an AEG landing page, adding fuel to the speculation. While no official announcement has been made, the teaser has created a buzz, and fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of LCD Soundsystem gracing UK stages once again.

As the anticipation builds, LCD Soundsystem enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates on what could be an exciting return for the acclaimed band.