mark modarelli What Don't Kill Us

Mark Modarelli’s Latest EP “What Don’t Kill Us”: A Profound Journey through Resilience and Reflection

In the intricate tapestry of indie rock, few artists weave as captivating a narrative as Mark Modarelli. From the rain-soaked streets of Tacoma, Washington, Modarelli’s musical journey has been as eclectic as it has been passionate. His latest EP, “What Don’t Kill Us,” marks a significant milestone in this journey, a testament to the resilience and introspection that define his artistry.

Modarelli’s musical roots run deep, nurtured by a family steeped in musical tradition and a childhood resonating with the sounds of John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, and Neil Diamond. His adolescence, influenced by the rhythm of The Smiths and the lyrical simplicity of Tom Petty, was a period of budding creativity, culminating in the mastery of diverse instruments. The EP “What Don’t Kill Us” is not just a collection of songs; it’s a narrative that unfolds across five tracks, each a chapter in Modarelli’s reflective story.

The title track, “What Don’t Kill Us,” is a poignant exploration of resilience amidst life’s tumultuous seasons. Its lyrics, “Walking sullen streets, chatting up an addict, two lonely strangers trying to feel a little less alone,” paint vivid imagery of shared human struggle. The song resonates with the idea that adversity doesn’t just challenge us; it strengthens us. This theme of endurance is a golden thread that runs through the EP, binding the tracks into a cohesive narrative.

“By Any Other Name,” another standout track, delves into the complexities of identity and perception. Modarelli’s skill in lyricism, honed through years of writing prose and poetry, shines through in lines that are both introspective and universal. His background in English Literature is evident in the poetic and thoughtful lyrics that characterize his songs.

The EP’s instrumentation remains true to Modarelli’s roots. The acoustic guitar, a nod to his early influences, melds seamlessly with more contemporary sounds, creating a harmonious blend that is both familiar and fresh. His experience with Digital Audio Workstations adds a modern layer to his compositions, making the music accessible to a wide array of listeners.

Modarelli’s journey through music is not just about creating melodies; it’s about crafting experiences. Each track in “What Don’t Kill Us” is a reflection of his life’s journey—a contemplation on societal norms, personal challenges, and the innate human desire for connection and understanding. From the introspective “Apart” to the socially conscious “Shame On Us,” the EP invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and societal critique.

In a world where digital streaming often overshadows the essence of music, Mark Modarelli stands out as an artist who values the soul of songwriting. His approach to music as a means for contemplation and reflection rather than mere entertainment sets him apart in the indie rock scene.

“What Don’t Kill Us” is not just an EP; it’s a narrative that resonates with the struggles, joys, and complexities of human experience. It’s a reminder that, in the midst of life’s relentless seasons, resilience and hope remain our most powerful allies.

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