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Shed Seven Unveils Folksy Charm with Latest Single “Talk Of The Town”

Shed Seven, the iconic indie rock band, has treated fans to their latest single, “Talk Of The Town,” ahead of the upcoming album A Matter Of Time, scheduled for release on January 5. This track, the fifth release from the highly anticipated LP, follows the success of previous singles “Starlings,” “Kissing California,” “F:K:H,” and “In Ecstasy,” featuring Rowetta from Happy Mondays.

“Talk Of The Town” delves into the complexities of a relationship where the individuals are polar opposites. With lyrics like “If I was cremated you’d turn in your grave / If I stood still you’d start a Mexican wave / If I said yesterday you’d say today,” the song paints a vivid picture of the relationship dynamics. The anthemic call-and-response chorus adds a bright, stadium-ready element to the composition.

In a press release, Rick Witter, Shed Seven‘s frontman, shared insights into the track, stating, “‘Talk Of The Town’ is another classic sounding Sheds song. Rip-roaring guitars chime along with the solid rhythm section whilst the chorus is made for arenas and stadiums.”

He continued, “Lyrically it’s an anti-love song but with a comedic edge, especially with lines like, ‘If I was cremated you’d turn in your grave, if I stood still you’d start a Mexican wave.’ The crux of the song is not really seeing eye to eye but still being the talk of the town. It’s got the makings of quickly becoming a fan favorite and a Shed Seven staple in future sets.

Adding to the excitement of the upcoming album, Rick Witter shared the story of recruiting Pete Doherty for the closing track “Throwaways.” After discovering Doherty singing along to Shed Seven songs at a festival, Witter seized the opportunity to collaborate, resulting in an unexpected yet exciting addition to the record.

Shed Seven is also gearing up for a performance as the opening support for Blossoms at their massive outdoor concert at Wythenshawe Park in Manchester next summer.