The Golden Dregs Shares “Sundown Lake” From Upcoming LP ‘On Grace & Dignity’

Benjamin Woods, professionally known as the Golden Dregs, releases his most recent single “Sundown Lake.” The new track comes from his forthcoming album On Grace & Dignity, which will be out on February 10, 2023 via 4AD.

Golden Dregs had introduced the upcoming LP in October with the single “American Airlines.” The songwriter from Cornwall, with his baritone voice and profound lyrics, asks questions like “Is there a life inside you now?” and “What am I supposed to do?” 

On Grace & Dignity is the follow-up to Hope Is For the Hopeless, released in 2019. In addition to “American Airlines” and “Sundown Lake,” the 10-track record includes songs like “How It Starts” and “Before We Fell From Grace.”

Woods is a modern-day poet. His lyricism is indisputable, more so in the recently released “Sundown Lake.” Golden Dregs shows off his prowess and musicality, singing, “Do you have a way with words/ And if so won’t you show it/ Not easy to articulate/ And harder still to know it/ And every time we go to war/ And blame our failings on the moon/ You’ll be promised so much more/ Than I can provide for you.”

See the full tracklist of On Grace & Dignity below:

01 “Intro” 

02 “American Airlines” 

03 “How It Starts” 

04 “Before We Fell From Grace” 

05 “Not Even The Rain”

06 “Eulogy”

07 “Josephine” 

08 “Vista” 

09 “Sundown Lake” 

10 “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”

Listen to the official audio here: