Ex-Beta Band Member Steve Mason Returns With New Song “Brixton Fish Fry”

Scottish musician, Steve Mason, mostly known as the former frontman of The Beta Band continues to share tracks from his anticipated album Brothers & Sisters. Following  “No More” and “The People Say,” the 48-year-old artist drops the third single “Brixton Fish Fry,” featuring Pakistani singer and previous collaborator Javed Bashir.

Mason had this to say about the new song: “Myself and Javed chatted for some time over Zoom about the track, he was in Lahore, and I explained my love of Indian and Pakistani music, my connection to Kashmir (my wife) and Pakistan, the concept of the record and how I wanted it to be a statement against the direction Britain has gone in and how I wanted it to represent all the innumerable and indispensable things we take for granted that immigration and movement of people and culture has brought here.”

He continued: “Like everybody involved in the making of this record he understood immediately and was very happy to be part of this statement. Both his contributions took my breath away and made my wife cry. The connection of her family and culture being brought together with me and my music was very powerful for us as a family and encapsulated in a moment the entire purpose and point of this album.”

Speaking of the new album Brothers & Sisters, the talented instrumentalist reveals: “To me, this record is a massive ‘Fuck you’ to Brexit. And a giant ‘Fuck you’ to anyone that is terrified of immigration because there is nothing that immigration has brought to this country that isn’t to be applauded. Can you imagine what this place would be like without that [immigration]? I mean what would it be like? Cornish pasties and morris dancing?”

Co-produced with Tev’n, Brothers & Sisters is set to come out on March 3 via Double Six. The album features British gospel singers Jayando Cole, Keshia Smith, Connie McCall, and Adrian Blake.

Listen to “Brixton Fish Fry” here: