graive "nothing new"

GRAIVE Releases Emotional Ballad “Nothing New” About Unrequited Love

Nabbing his next stake in the industry, singer-songwriter GRAIVE is back with “Nothing New,” a heady-yet-melancholic single exploring the depths.

Emerging from the scene surrounding Ocala, FL, GRAIVE was quickly setting herself apart thanks to the power of her talent. First coming up as a producer, GRAIVE migrated out as a full-fledged singer/songwriter with the release of her single “Can’t Stop,” which caught the unfolding ears of the industry along with a major label record deal.

Nothing New” exemplifies GRAIVE‘s ability to shape personal experience into universal themes: the frustration and disappointment of loving a person with all you’ve got, but it’s nothing new to them.

GRAIVE, in his storytelling, brings with him alluring soul vocals combined with extreme introspective lyrics, therefore urging listeners to consider their much-needed self-worth in relationships.

Inspired by the experience of giving your all to a person who never gives in return, “Nothing New” is sung by GRAIVE. “What was said? It’s about that cycle of empty promises and the realization that disappointment has become the norm. I hope this song empowers people to recognize their value and walk away from situations that don’t serve them.”

The message of “Nothing New” exceeds pop music; the message is about resilience and self-love. The song is really a testament to GRAIVE‘s artistic maturity, stemming from the need to reach out to the listener with feelings and emotions.

Listen to “Nothing New” here: