Josh Teskey performing on set

The Teskey Brothers Global Journey with “The Winding Way”

Meet The Authentic Souls of the Music World

In an era of auto-tune and digital effects, The Teskey Brothers stand out with their authentic, vintage sound. Their latest release, “The Winding Way” sees them journeying from their native Australia to the grand stage of Glastonbury Festival and the United States.

In “The Winding Way”, the group reaffirms their commitment to their roots. The release is an intimate look into their bluesy foundation, capturing the sounds of Melbourne’s music scene. Released under the esteemed label Glassnote Records, it is a testament to their craftsmanship.

The band is set to debut this new release at Glastonbury Festival. The famous festival, known for hosting artists from diverse genres, will be a significant platform for their new music. Check out their Instagram for the latest updates.

Their journey doesn’t end at Glastonbury. Their North American tour, announced on their Facebook page, includes venues from coast to coast. This expansion is an exciting step for the band, bringing their soulful sounds to audiences far from their Australian home.

In a recent collaboration, lead vocalist Josh Teskey worked with fellow artist Wilsn on the single “Hurts So Bad”. It is another example of the band’s willingness to experiment while staying true to their soulful roots. You can read more about the collaboration here.

About The Teskey Brothers

The Teskey Brothers are a soul-blues band from Melbourne, Australia. Consisting of brothers Josh and Sam Teskey, along with Brendon Love and Liam Gough, the band’s vintage sound and passion for blues and soul music have earned them fans around the world. ‘The Winding Way’ is their latest release, further establishing their reputation for authentic, emotive music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who are The Teskey Brothers?
    The Teskey Brothers are a soul-blues band from Melbourne, Australia known for their authentic, vintage sound.
  2. What is ‘The Winding Way’?
    “The Winding Way” is the latest release by The Teskey Brothers, showcasing their bluesy roots and the sounds of Melbourne’s music scene.
  3. Where are The Teskey Brothers touring?
    After debuting their new release at Glastonbury Festival, The Teskey Brothers will embark on a North American tour.
  4. What was the collaboration between Josh Teskey and Wilsn?
    Josh Teskey, lead vocalist of The Teskey Brothers, collaborated with Wilsn on the single “Hurts So Bad”.